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White mulberry leaf 50g

White mulberry leaf 50g

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White mulberry leaf is a natural dietary supplement that effectively helps stabilize blood glucose levels. Reduces sugar concentration as a consequence of reducing its absorption after meals.

White mulberry leaves.

White mulberry leaves are a source of substances that normalize blood glucose levels as a result of slowing down the action of enzymes involved in the digestion of sugars. In this way, some of them are not digested and are excreted in this form. This helps reduce the body's absorption of sugar and lower blood glucose. Consequently, the reduced absorption of carbohydrates after eating supports the process of reducing body fat and maintaining your dream figure.

- allergic to the ingredients of the preparation

Use to normalize blood glucose levels. The product is recommended especially during slimming treatment.

Use orally as an infusion, usually 1 infusion / 24h is recommended (after brewing for 10 minutes, 2 teaspoons of leaves in hot water). Take before eating.


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