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VULPUR drops 50 ml Kreosotum, Cinnamomum verum, Salvia officinalis

VULPUR drops 50 ml Kreosotum, Cinnamomum verum, Salvia officinalis

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VULPUR Kreosotum, Cinnamomum verum, Salvia officinalis spag. Peka N Drops

Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no therapeutic indication is given. Medical advice should be sought if symptoms persist during use.

Active ingredients

  • 70 mg Argentum nitricum 6X
  • 70 mg Armoracia rusticana D4
  • 40 mg Cinnamomum verum D12
  • 50 mg Kreosotum D6
  • 30 mg Capsella bursa-pastoris-spag. Peka D4
  • 130 mg Calendula officinalis D8
  • 200 mg Achillea millefolium D8
  • 410 mg Salvia officinalis D4

Auxiliary materials

  • Ethanol

VULPUR Kreosotum, Cinnamomum verum, Salvia officinalis Ingredients
100 g contain:


Calendula off.

   D 8

   13.0 g


    D 6

    5.0 g

Achillea millefolium (Millefolium)

   D 8

   20.0 g

Argentum nitricum

   D 6

7.0 g

Armoracia rusticana (Armoracia)

D 4

    7.0 g

Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamomum)

   D 12

 4.0 g

Capsella bursa pastoris spag. Peka (Thlaspi bursa pastoris)

  D 4

    3.0 g

Salvia off.

  D 8

41.0 g


VULPUR Kreosotum, Cinnamomum verum, Salvia officinalis Areas of application
Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no therapeutic indication is given. Medical advice should be sought if symptoms persist during use.

VULPUR Kreosotum, Cinnamomum verum, Salvia officinalis Dosage
Unless otherwise prescribed: Internally: In acute conditions, take 5 drops in a little water every half to full hour, no more than 6 times a day. Use for more than a week should only be done after consulting a homeopathic therapist. If the symptoms improve, the frequency of use should be reduced. Externally: on the skin: apply 5 drops directly. As a rinse in the mouth: put 20 drops in 1/4-liter lukewarm water up to 3 times a day. In the nose: put 5 drops on gauze.

VULPUR Kreosotum, Cinnamomum verum, Salvia officinalis Hints
5 drops contain 0.0225 g of alcohol.

kreosotum homeopathic remedy

What is Kreosotum?

Kreosotum. This remedy is strongly indicated for vaginitis with watery, thin, unpleasant-smelling, very irritating discharge that makes the vulva swell and itch. Symptoms may be worse in the morning and worse when standing up. Infections are more likely to appear before the menstrual period or during pregnancy.
Cinnamomum verum uses
Cinnamomum verum is a small tree whose bark is commonly used as spice. Cinnamon is also traditionally used for many centuries for the treatment of diabetes and other conditions.
Argentum nitricum uses
Argentum Nitricum Dilution is an effective homeopathic remedy which is primarily used for the treatment of disorders of central nervous system . It improves loss of muscle co-ordination associated with nervous system disorders and other symptoms related to it including disorders of the brain and spinal cord.
Armoracia rusticana uses
The roots are antiseptic, aperient, digestive, diuretic, expectorant, rubefacient and stimulant. They should be used in their fresh state. An infusion is used in the treatment of colds, fevers and flu and is of value in the treatment of respiratory and urinary tract infections.
Capsella bursa uses
Uses. Capsella bursa-pastoris gathered from the wild or cultivated has many uses, including for food, to supplement animal feed, for cosmetics, and in traditional medicine—reportedly to stop bleeding. The plant can be eaten raw; the leaves are best when gathered young.
Calendula officinalis uses
The flower is used to make medicine. Calendula flower is used to prevent muscle spasms, start menstrual periods, and reduce fever. It is also used for treating sore throat and mouth, menstrual cramps, cancer, and stomach and duodenal ulcers.
Achillea millefolium uses
Antiulcer activity. A. millefolium is a widespread medicinal plant used in folk medicine to treat inflammation, pain and gastrointestinal disorders. Screening of gastroprotective potential against acute and chronic ulcers has shown positive correlation with its uses in folk medicinal.
Salvia officinalis uses
In folk medicine of Asia and Latin America, it has been used for the treatment of different kinds of disorders including seizure, ulcers, gout, rheumatism, inflammation, dizziness, tremor, paralysis, diarrhea, and hyperglycemia.


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