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VITAMIN B1 3 mg x 50 pills

VITAMIN B1 3 mg x 50 pills

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  • VITAMIN B1 - prevention and treatment of deficiency states and avitaminosis B1 and supportively polyneuritis, beriberi, inflammatory and peripheral nerve palsy, neuralgia and sciatica, diabetes

VITAMIN B1 Composition:
1 tablet. contains 3 mg or 25 mg of thiamine.

Action VITAMIN B1: Thiamin, essential for normal metabolism of carbohydrates, it is a component of coenzyme A. It increases the activity of acetylcholine, inhibits the activity of the cholinesterase, acts synergistically with thyroxine and insulin stimulates gonadotropin secretion. Thiamine deficiency leads to disruption of tissue respiration, impaired synthesis of acetylcholine, a dysfunction of the nervous system. After absorption from the gastrointestinal tract thiamine quickly penetrates into the tissue. Excreted in human milk. Excess thiamine is excreted in the urine.

VITAMIN B1 Indications: Prevention and treatment of deficiency states and avitaminosis B 1 and supportively polyneuritis, beriberi, inflammation and paralysis of peripheral nerves, nerve pain and sciatica, diabetes, damage to the liver parenchyma, encephalopathy alcohol.

Contraindications VITAMIN B1: Hypersensitivity to thiamine.

VITAMIN B1 Interactions: food and alcohol served simultaneously with thiamine cause delay its absorption. The presence of sulfur dioxide in the wine or the atmosphere, black currants cause decomposition of vitamin B 1 .

Dosage VITAMIN B1: Adults orally preventively 3-9 mg daily, treatment: 25-30 mg per day. Children oral treatment: 4-7 yrs 15-20 mg per day; 8-18 years of age 25 mg per day. The medicine is administered in 2-3 doses.


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