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Vitamin C 200 mg tablet x 50

Vitamin C 200 mg tablet x 50

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  • Vitamin C (Vitamin C) is recommended in the autumn and winter with an increased incidence of colds and flu, in order to strengthen the immune system and the weak prone to rupture blood vessels.

1 tablet contains 200 mg of Vitamin C

Vitamin C by the action of the immune system, accelerating wound healing, fractures, inhibits the formation of bruises. In addition, a positive effect on the heart and circulation, lowers overall blood cholesterol level and the "bad" cholesterol, increases the number of "good" HDL cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure, so it is used for hypertension. Besides, this is an excellent antioxidant that slows the aging process. Vitamin C activity also includes the preparation and preservation of the regulation of collagen, which forms a tissue.

Adults 1 tablet a day, drink at least 0.5 cups of water


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