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VITADOL Gold 10% CBD oil mouth 10 ml

VITADOL Gold 10% CBD oil mouth 10 ml

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Vitadol Gold 10% CBD mouth oil

Natural full spectrum CBD oil

Laboratory tested & high quality through organic certified ingredients.

Vitadol Gold 10% CBD oil is produced in a quality that is valued by pharmacies. Experience the mild taste on a natural basis and discover the power of the hemp plant. The particularly high-quality and elaborately manufactured CBD product is a full-spectrum oil with organic-certified ingredients. In addition to cannabidiol (CBD), it also contains an extra portion of cannabigerol (CBG). Thanks to particularly complex extraction and filtration processes, the product also contains important terpenes contained in hemp in order to achieve a complete entourage effect.

The THC content is well below 0.0005% THC, so laboratories confirm that there is no measurable THC content in the product.

• 1,000mg CBD - approx. 3mg cannabidiol per drop, approx. 330 drops per bottle
• Full spectrum hemp extract with extra 30mg CBG and valuable terpenes
• Less than 0.0005% THC
• Particularly mild taste

VITADOL Gold 10% CBD oil mouth innovative & certified

The full spectrum hemp extract According to the manufacturer, CBD oil is considered one of the best products at the best price. In contrast to most other CBD oils, it has a pleasant taste. It's 100% natural. Only hemp varieties certified by the EU are used for production.

VITADOL Gold 10% CBD oil mouth Guaranteed purity & quality

The full spectrum CBD oil is double-checked by German, accredited and certified laboratories. This double laboratory control, which is unusual on the market, ensures that the Vitadol Gold CBD oil contains 10% of what is written on it. Lots of valuable cannabinoids and terpenes but by no means impurities. In order to guarantee the highest organic quality, more than 600 toxic substances are tested in addition to the organic standard.

High-quality hemp seed oil, which is rich in valuable substances such as omega-3 fatty acids, is used as a carrier.

• high-quality hemp seed oil as a carrier oil
• UV-protected pipette bottle
• tested twice by independent laboratories
• free of genetic engineering (non-GMO)
• Without additives, preservatives or flavors
• Free of heavy metals, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides
• Vegan
• Lactose-free
• CannaTrust.eu certified

VITADOL Gold 10% CBD oil mouth Use:
Drip the mouth oil under the tongue, leave it on for at least 1 minute, then rinse with water.
If necessary, 1 to 3 drops three times a day are recommended.

VITADOL Gold 10% CBD oil mouth Ingredients:

Shake before use.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep the product away from heat sources, in a cool, dry and light-protected place.
Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.
Consult your doctor in the event of allergies or other disorders.
Possible organoleptic and color deviations are due to the naturalness of the raw materials used and do not affect the quality of the product.
Use within 3 months when opened.


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