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VITADEROL + K x 40 capsules twist off, vitamin D and vitamin K

VITADEROL + K x 40 capsules twist off, vitamin D and vitamin K

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  • The formulation containing the recommended dose of vitamin D and vitamin K, designed for newborns and breast-fed infants from 8 days to complete 3 months of age.

vitamin D (cholecalciferol) -400 IU of
vitamin K (phytomenadione) - 25 micrograms
MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides),
antioxidant: D-alpha tocopherol.

The presence of vitamin D 3 is the child essential for normal development, preferably acts on the nervous and muscular, and above all enables the absorption of calcium in the intestines, which then is deposited in the bones and thus prevents the symptoms of rickets.

Vitamin K is also responsible for the proper development of the child, as it plays an important role in maintaining normal levels of blood clotting factors, preventing the so-called. haemorrhagic disease of newborns.

The consumption is only intended capsule contents, turn and break off the tip of the capsule and then squeeze the contents directly into the baby's mouth or downloaded to breast milk or spoon.

Depending on individual needs doctor may prescribe a different dosing.


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