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VITA BUER D3 2000j.m. x 30 capsules, vitamin d3

VITA BUER D3 2000j.m. x 30 capsules, vitamin d3

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  • Vitamin d3. Vita Buer is the sunshine vitamin D3 enclosed in capsules containing 50μg of cholecalciferol in each serving. Vitamin D3 is important for the health of the musculo-skeletal and for high immunity. 2000j.m dose indicated for adults.

Composition: 1 capsule contains 50mcg (2000 IU) of vitamin D 3 Other ingredients: Sunflower oil, gelatin, humectant (glycerol) Action: Vita Buer D 3 is a dietary supplement containing the composition of vitamin D 3 - cholecalciferol in portions of 50μg - which corresponds to the daily requirements of the body of an adult on this valuable organic relationship. Vita Buer D 3 as a dietary supplement, it is recommended to supplement vitamin D in the body and can be taken throughout the year - especially by people who even in the summer are not staying in the sun enough time, that was ensured optimal synthesis of vitamin D in a natural way. Vitamin D is extremely valuable to the health of muscles, bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin D deficiency in the body can lead to a weakening of the immune response and thus more frequent collapsing to infections and colds. Application: Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the gastrointestinal tract, helps maintain normal levels of calcium in the blood and is important for maintaining health system musculoskeletal. usage: one capsule a day during a meal.


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