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VISMED LIGHT 3x15 ml. Eye lubricant

VISMED LIGHT 3x15 ml. Eye lubricant

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Eye lubricant in the form of drops VISMED LIGHT

VISMED LIGHT Composition :

Each 1 ml of solution contains: 0.1% sodium hyaluronate, sodium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, purified water, disodium edentate and polyhexanide as a preservative.

VISMED LIGHT 3x15 ml. Eye lubricant

VISMED LIGHT Indications for use:

As an eye lubricant in cases of sensations of dryness, irritation, eye fatigue, and other similar complaints caused by dust, cigarette smoke, dry and hot air, air conditioning, excessive computer work or use of contact lenses.

Contraindications for use :

Hypersensitivity to any of the components of the preparation.

VISMED LIGHT Interaction with other drugs:

VISMED LIGHT should not be used at the same time as other eye preparations, as this may change their effect.

VISMED LIGHT Instructions for use:

Before initial use, turn the cap counterclockwise until the safety ring breaks. Remove the cap and place the tip of the vial over the eye to be treated. With light pressure on the VISMED LIGHT vial, the product will drain easily. Unless otherwise recommended, instill 1-2 drops in the conjunctival sac of the eye as often as necessary by gently squeezing the vial. After blinking several times, the solution will be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the eye. VISMED LIGHT can be used while wearing contact lenses, whether hard or soft. The preparation is suitable for use up to three months after opening the vial.

Warning :

Do not touch the tip of the vial with your finger or touch the surface of the eye. Do not use VISMED LIGHT if the integrity of the vial is compromised. Store at a temperature between 2ºC and 25ºC!

VISMED LIGHT Characteristics and mode of action:

VISMED LIGHT contains sodium hyaluronate, a natural polymer that is also found in the structures of the human eye. The specific physical characteristics of sodium hyaluronate included in VISMED LIGHT determine its viscoelastic properties and water retention properties. VISMED LIGHT forms a covering layer on the eye, which is eliminated in a very small part when blinking, as a result of which VISMED LIGHT provides a long-lasting effect and maximum comfort. Due to its unique composition, it is very well tolerated, and the preservatives used guarantee the sterility of the solution when the vial is opened for three months.


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