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VIOLET CREAM, (violet creams)

VIOLET CREAM, (violet creams)

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VIOLET CREAM, (violet creams)

Violet cream according to Hildegard von Bingen
skin cream

pack size:50ml Dosage form:cream

Natural skin care for the care of normal to oily skin. Especially with scars and pigments, such. B. Age spots.

Recommended use VIOLET CREAM, (violet creams):


For use on the face, décolleté and all external skin areas to treat scars and pigment spots. Gently massage in the cream with your fingertips in an anti-clockwise direction.

Since natural violet extracts are used as the active ingredient, the color of the cream may change. Due to the dependence on the respective harvest year and natural conditions, the color of the cream or the consistency can vary.

Store the opened jar as cool and dry as possible and use it up as soon as possible.

VIOLET CREAM, (violet creams). Creamy healing art by Hildegard von Bingen


Viola odorata or the wild sweet violet is one of the most beautiful wild plants. The medicinal plant can be found in nature on the edge of trees, on shady edges of forests or along paths.
Hildegard von Bingen recommends Violet Cream for its skin-caring, moisturizing properties to improve the appearance of scars, skin imperfections, pigment spots, hematomas and stretch marks. Regenerating lipids stabilize the skin and counteract unpleasant feelings of tightness in the long term, making it suitable for the daily care of normal and oily skin.

This is how your skin is cared for...
The violet cream is Hildegard von Bingen's most perfect cream. Creamy and delicate, it spreads over your skin and absorbs quickly. The essential oils of the violet blossom create ideal care for an even complexion.

It is a care cream with high standards because it...
• stimulates the skin and renews skin cells
• moisturizes your skin and smoothes stressed areas
• is a natural product
• is carefully processed from the whole plant
• is produced without animal testing
• is organic degradable

VIOLET CREAM, (violet creams). Hildegard's stroke of genius with wild herbs
Hildegard is not only convinced of the positive power of her violet cream, but of violets in general. For example, she says that when someone is sad, he or she should drink violet wine because it has a merry effect and strengthens the lungs.


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