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VICHY LIFTACTIV Specialist B3 Serum

VICHY LIFTACTIV Specialist B3 Serum

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VICHY LIFTACTIV Specialist B3 Serum

pack size:30ml Dosage form:concentrate

against pigment spots and wrinkles reduces dark spots and promotes a more even complexion. Facial skin appears brighter, plumper and smoother.

External influences can promote the formation of hyperpigmentation, such as pigment spots, - Vichy LIFTACTIV SPECIALIST B3 Serum works in different layers of the skin to reduce dark spots, signs of skin aging and an uneven skin tone. The serum formula consists of a combination of niacinamide, glycolic acid and effective peeling active ingredients. The anti-aging serum against wrinkles and pigment spots promotes the renewal of the skin's appearance, a more radiant complexion and the reduction of dark marks and fine lines. The skin appears firmer and smoother. Pigment spots and wrinkles are less visible - for a more even complexion!

Product properties alcohol-free, fragrance
-free color family red
Skin type All skin types
condition Dark spots

Texture Care Instructions for

The LIFTACTIV SPECIALIST B3 serum has an applicator that enables precise application of the facial serum. In this way, you can apply the texture specifically to the skin areas where pigment disorders are visible. Alternatively, the serum against wrinkles and pigment spots can also be distributed over the entire face. To do this, press the middle of the applicator, put a few drops of Vichy serum on the palm of your hand and then use your fingers to apply to the selected areas of the skin or to the entire face.

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