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VICHY IDEAL Soleil Anti-pigment spots SPF 50+

VICHY IDEAL Soleil Anti-pigment spots SPF 50+

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VICHY IDEAL Soleil Anti-pigment spots Cr.SPF 50+

pack size:50ml Dosage form:cream


Anti-pigmentation face cream LSF 50+, VICHY IDEAL Soleil Anti-pigment spots SPF 50+

For normal & combination skin as well as sensitive & impure skin. Particularly suitable for pigment spots.

Tinted sun care for pigment spots. The 3-in-1 formula has a balancing, beautifying and preventive effect. The tinted texture makes the skin glow with an even complexion and the non-greasy texture ensures a pleasant skin feel.

Sun protection with highly effective active ingredients against pigment spots: has a balancing effect on pigment spots day after day thanks to Phe Resorcinol and protects against new pigment spots and broadband UV protection SPF 50+.

In order to fight against the fatal effects of UV rays and to protect the skin from the sun, Vichy integrates a filter system with a broad UVA-UVB spectrum, which is based on Mexoryl®SX, Mexoryl®XL and Tinosorb S and is particularly kind to the skin and is photostable.

VICHY IDEAL Soleil Anti-pigment spots SPF 50+ Efficacy:

thanks to the technology of high coverage against the risks of sun exposure, optimal protection is granted. IDÉAL SOLEIL uses this special technology when incorporating filter particles into sun protection products in order to guarantee an absolutely even distribution of the extremely resistant protective film.

Phe Resorcinol (INCI: Phenylethyl Resorcinol) has a skin-renewing effect and regulates the activity of tyrosinase involved in the synthesis of melanin. It has a balancing effect on pigment spots and redness.

Glycerin binds water and sustainably improves the moisture content of the horny layer.

Vitamin E (INCI: tocopherol) is an antioxidant. It protects against the free radicals generated by UV radiation and strengthens the skin's own protection.

VICHY thermal water is rich in minerals and trace elements. It helps to improve the activity of the enzymes in the epidermis and thus the skin's own protection. Reddening of the skin is alleviated, the cell metabolism is promoted and the skin's resistance is strengthened. The distribution of moisture in the skin is improved by the thermal water."

VICHY IDEAL Soleil Anti-pigment spots SPF 50+ Compatibility:

Without parabens. Compatibility tested under dermatological control on sensitive skin. With soothing, strengthening and regenerating Vichy thermal water.

VICHY IDEAL Soleil Anti-pigment spots SPF 50+ Result:

The skin is protected and cared for at the same time. Works day after day Day balancing pigment spots with the active ingredient PheResorcinol and protects against the formation of new pigment spots with SPF50+.

For face, neck and décolleté. Apply the 3-in-1 tinted sun care evenly and generously (small amounts reduce the protection). Repeat the application several times to maintain the sun protection, especially after staying in the water, drying off and sweating. Avoid sun during maximum sun exposure. Do not expose children under the age of three to direct sunlight. Use a sun protection factor tailored to the photo type.



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