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VAGISAN Myko Combi 3 days, clotrimazole, vaginal yeast infection women

VAGISAN Myko Combi 3 days, clotrimazole, vaginal yeast infection women

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VAGISAN Myko Combi 3 days, clotrimazole, vaginal yeast infection women

Vagisan Myko Kombi 3-day therapy
I creamy vaginal suppositories against vaginal thrush
I suppositories melt and form a cream
I combination pack with suppositories and cream

The product VAGISAN Myko Combi 3 days, clotrimazole, vaginal yeast infection women at a glance

• over-the-counter medicine against vaginal thrush
• 3-day therapy with proven anti-fungal effect
• combination made of suppositories (for the vagina) and cream (for the external intimate area)
• creamy suppositories instead of dry tablets, melt in the vagina, form a cream and leave no undissolved residue
• suppositories can be inserted without an applicator
• developed by Vagisan experts

Vagisan Myko Kombi 3 days contains 3 vaginal suppositories - no vaginal tablets - with special Cremolum galenics for the treatment of vaginal thrush. The combination pack also contains a tube of cream for use in the external intimate area. Since the vagina and labia are usually affected by a yeast infection, both areas should be treated. Both the suppositories and the cream contain the active ingredient clotrimazole with its proven antifungal (antimycotic) effect. A vaginal suppository contains 200 mg clotrimazole, 1 g of the cream contains 200 mg clotrimazole.

The suppository is simply inserted into the vagina without an applicator. After insertion, it melts with body heat and forms a cream with the vaginal fluid. In addition to the anti-fungal effect, this cream has a creaming effect on the vaginal skin that often burns and itches with vaginal sores. The Vagisan Myko Kombi suppositories melt and leave no undissolved residue in the vagina.

Insert 1 vaginal pessary as deeply as possible into the vagina once a day for 3 consecutive days. The application should preferably be done in the evening, because then the vaginal pessary can work while you sleep. Since the vaginal suppository melts in the vagina, it is advisable to wear a panty liner to avoid grease stains in your underwear. The treatment should expediently not be carried out during menstruation or be completed before menstruation begins.

To treat the itching and pain associated with inflammation of the labia caused by fungi, the cream is applied thinly to the outer genital area from the vaginal entrance to the anus twice a day for 3 consecutive days and rubbed in lightly.

Vagisan Myko Kombi 3 Days is also suitable as a remedy against vaginal thrush during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, the drug should only be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding under medical supervision or guidance.

In general, it is sufficient to use the pessaries and the cream at the same time for a period of 3 days. Please adhere to this period of time even if the symptoms have already subsided. If necessary, a second treatment can be carried out over a further 3 days. However, if there is no improvement in symptoms within 3 days, please contact your doctor.

Three quarters of women will experience symptoms of a vaginal thrush at least once in their lives. They get up to 8 percent again and again. Chronic vaginal thrush is also possible. Many influences can disturb the natural balance in the vagina. If the influences become too strong, the vaginal flora is no longer able to absorb the disturbance; vaginal infection may occur. In most cases, the number of lactic acid bacteria in the vagina is then reduced. If this delicate balance is disturbed, fungal infections can develop in women. A lack of intimate hygiene is usually not the cause of vaginal yeast fungi.

VAGISAN Myko Combi 3 days, clotrimazole, vaginal yeast infection women Possible influences that can disturb the vaginal environment •

Taking antibiotics
• Hormone fluctuations • Weakness of the immune system • Vaginal douching • Alkaline body fluids 


VAGISAN Myko Combi 3 days, clotrimazole, vaginal yeast infection women Contents 3 vaginal suppositories 20 g cream Typical symptoms of a fungal infection of the vagina are itching, burning and redness in the external genital area and in the vaginal entrance. There is also a whitish, rather viscous discharge with a crumbly consistency. A fungal infection should not be left untreated and will not heal on its own. The fungal treatment must therefore be carried out with an appropriate medication against vaginal yeast infections. 


active VAGISAN Myko Combi 3 days, clotrimazole, vaginal yeast infection women ingredient

clotrimazole. Application: Yeast infections of the vagina and the external genital area (usually caused by Candida albicans).

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.


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