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UNIMER BABY nasal aspirator x 1op.

UNIMER BABY nasal aspirator x 1op.

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  • UNIMER BABY nasal aspirator is a device which permits the aspiration of the retained secretions tubular nose and impeding breathing child. It is safe to use.

A medical device characterized by the structure particularly - unbreakable material that can be subjected to cold or steam sterilization. It allows you to perform delicate aspiration of secretions, which stays in the nasal tubules, which restores breathing comfort infants. Children under 1 year of age to use only nose breathing, which unfortunately can not blow yourself during eg. A cold. This prevents them breathing, especially at night. Aspirator helps remove mucus and is completely safe for the child's health.

Use the product at the time of rhinitis in infants up to 1 year of age in order to remove residual secretions in the nose.

applying externally-topically. You can be used several times (after previous sterilization). Place the tip of the aspirator baby nose and then suck secretions.


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