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THERMACARE for larger Back pain areas, lower back pain

THERMACARE for larger Back pain areas, lower back pain

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THERMACARE, lower back pain for larger Back pain areas

Back pain, lower back pain ThermaCare ®
Effective pain relief with deep heat

Back pain can quickly become chronic if you don't interrupt the vicious circle of pain - rest - and even more pain in time.

This is where the modern heat therapy from ThermaCare can help. It can do much more than household remedies such as hot-water bottles, cherry pit pillows, etc., because the ThermaCare heat pads provide warmth for longer and even when you are out and about. Through contact with oxygen, the patented ThermaCare technology generates soothing heat for 8 hours - and all without the typical side effects of medicines. The deep warmth penetrates into the muscles and relieves the tension. This solves the cause of the problem and relieves the pain in the long term.

ThermaCare heat pads for flexible use can be used almost anywhere on the body, eg on the middle back, between the shoulder blades or on the arms and legs, thanks to their versatile shape with the four adhesive points.


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