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TAVURIN x 30 tablets inflammation, urinary tract infections

TAVURIN x 30 tablets inflammation, urinary tract infections

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  • Inflammation, urinary tract infections. TAVURIN is a natural dietary supplement in tablet form, which contributes to the functioning of the urinary tract, so that it flushes out bacteria from the urinary tract at the same time ensuring proper flow of urine.

sorbitol (subst. Filling), an extract of cranberry extract, dandelion root extract of the herb knotweed extract, fruit almond chebułowca, hydroksyproplometyloceluloza (subst. Glazing), an extract from licorice root smooth, magnesium salts of fatty acids ( subst. anticaking), silicon dioxide (subst. anticaking), titanium dioxide (colorant), hydroxypropyl cellulose (subst. glazing), carnauba wax, and beeswax (subst.glazurujące).

Components 1 tablet 2 tablets
Fruit extract cranberry 150 mg 300 mg
Extract from dandelion root 100 mg 200 mg
An extract of the herb knotweed 80 mg 160 mg
Fruit extract almond chebułowca 50 mg 100 mg
Licorice root extract smooth 20 mg 40 mg

The preparation belongs to the broad category of dietary supplements that act on the basis of natural cranberry extract. Thanks to this component contributes to the functioning of the urogenital system, supporting the process of cleansing the urinary tract from harmful bacteria. Other ingredients help maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Use preparation for ailments of the urinary tract (inflammation, urinary tract infections).

How to use:
Apply orally. Serve 1-2 tabl./24h after eating.


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