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Tangle Teezer Ltd.

TANGLE TEEZER Compact Styler Pink Sizzle Hairbrush

TANGLE TEEZER Compact Styler Pink Sizzle Hairbrush

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  • Tangle teezer compact styler. Tangle Teezer is more than a hairbrush. He combs hair without any problems. Forget about tangled and torn hair! The Pink version of Compact Styler Pink Sizzle is very girlish and adorable.

Operation and application:
Hair combing is a real trauma for you? You do not have to suffer torture anymore! With an amazing Tangle Teezer brush, you can quickly tangle up tangled and matted hair without pulling, pulling, breaking or bothering with static hair. Absolutely innovative, densely arranged teeth of elastic material with equal efficiency cope with dry and wet hair. The ease with which it combs the hair from the roots to the ends is incredible. Tangle Teezer can also be used as a scalp massager. In this way, you can improve the blood flow of the scalp, and this will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. What is equally important, the type of hair is not a limitation for the TT brush, it gives everyone an unusual glow and smoothness. The brush in the Compact Styler option is slightly smaller than the standard, but it is equally effective and convenient to use. A special cap protects the teeth from deformation during a journey or when carrying a brush in a purse. Cloves and device casing are in a lovely pink color.

How to use:
Brush the hair both dry and immediately after washing.


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