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Hydrotalcite TALCID chewable tablets 50 pc stomach complaints

Hydrotalcite TALCID chewable tablets 50 pc stomach complaints

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stomach complaints Hydrotalcite Talcid ® chewable tablets

Active ingredient: hydrotalcite

Areas of application: For the symptomatic treatment of diseases in which the stomach acid should be bound: heartburn and acid-related stomach complaints.

For Hydrotalcite, stomach complaints information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Hydrotalcite Talcid ® 500mg chewable tablets  stomach complaints

Talcid ® Hydrotalcite chewable tablets put an end to heartburn The advantages of Hydrotalcite Talcid ® chewable tablets:

• work against heartburn within minutes
• regulate excess stomach acid and keep the pH value in the stomach in the optimal range
• dissolve quickly and crumb-free, do not stick to the teeth
• are well tolerated and the most recommended remedies for heartburn *
• taste pleasantly after mild peppermint

Hydrotalcite Talcid ®  stomach complaints chewable tablets act within minutes
heartburn, acid-related stomach disorders and Co .: discomfort caused by Gastric acid are triggered, many sufferers find it particularly uncomfortable. Various causes can be responsible for the symptoms, for example:

• Stomach acid irritates the already damaged stomach lining
• The stomach acid can overcome the sphincter muscle at the stomach entrance and get into the esophagus

The Hydrotalcite Talcid ®Chewable tablets relieve heartburn and acid-related stomach upsets. They bind excess stomach acid and neutralize it. In addition,

• Hydrotalcite Talcid ® chewable tablets protect the gastric mucous membrane by strengthening its mucous layer, and
• Hydrotalcite Talcid ® chewable tablets bind bile acids and pepsin, which can put additional strain on the esophagus.

If you suffer from heartburn or acid-related stomach problems - and nothing speaks against you taking this drug - Hydrotalcite Talcid ® chewable tablets are a valuable ally: They treat your symptoms and regulate the gastric pH value to the optimum level.

If necessary, chew one or two chewable tablets thoroughly and swallow them - no water is necessary. You can take up to twelve tablets between meals and at bedtime throughout the day. Other medicines should be taken one to two hours before or after Hydrotalcite Talcid ® so that Talcid ® does not interfere with the absorption of other medicines.

The Hydrotalcite Talcid ® chewable tablets are suitable for ages 12 and up; they are vegan and free from lactose and gluten.

At high doses it can lead to gastrointestinal complaints up to vomiting and diarrhea. Have you stopped taking Hydrotalcite Talcid ®forgot, use it again as usual next time.

How long the treatment should last in total depends on the trigger or the underlying disease. If you still suffer from heartburn after two weeks, please see a doctor - he can examine you and get to the bottom of the cause of your symptoms.

The active ingredient of Hydrotalcite Talcid ®  stomach complaints chewable tablets

One Hydrotalcite Talcid ®Chewable tablet contains 500 milligrams of hydrotalcite. This active ingredient is one of the so-called layered grid antacids. Its structure enables acid neutralization in the stomach to take place in a controlled manner - so only as much active substance is released as necessary to achieve an optimal pH value in the stomach. Only when over-acidification occurs again, the active substance is released again.

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