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SWANSON seed oil of black cumin x 60 Capsules

SWANSON seed oil of black cumin x 60 Capsules

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  • SWANSON seed oil of black cumin is a dietary supplement that provides the body of many valuable substances. Aids digestion and positive effect on the function of the cardiovascular system.

1 capsule. Contains: Vitamin E (acetate, D-alpha-tocopheryl), seed oil of black cumin (Nigella Sativa) 500 mg, including: Omega-6 - 260 mg omega-9 - 85 mg, Palmitic acid 55 mg stearic acid 10 mg

The preparation belongs to the broad category of natural supplements. It consists of black cumin, which is characterized by antibacterial and mikrobójczymi. In addition, it prevents the accumulation of fat cells in the blood vessels and regulates blood pressure, and participates in the formation of new cells and organ regeneration. Beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and the digestive tract. It improves the intestinal peristalsis and checked for bloating and constipation.

Use to support the operation of the circulatory system and the heart and digestive system.

Use orally in a dosage of 1 capsule. X 1-2 / 24.


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