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SWANSON Evening primrose oil (EPO) 1300mg x 100 capsules

SWANSON Evening primrose oil (EPO) 1300mg x 100 capsules

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  • Swanson EPO Evening primrose oil is a high quality dietary supplement containing a high dose of natural and easily absorbed source of essential fatty acids Omega 3-6, which support digestion, enhance immunity and beneficial effect on skin condition.

evening primrose oil, gelatin (capsule), glycerin (humectant wilgotość) and purified water

The nutritional value of a daily dose:
Calories 30 kcal / 130 kJ
fats total 3 grams
Evening primrose oil 2600 mg of
GLA (gamma linolenic acid) (208-260) mg

Swanson EPO evening primrose oil, a dietary supplement appreciated that a plurality of properties result from the natural content of unsaturated fatty acids PUFA from the group Omega3-6. Evening primrose oil contains, among others, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is very good for human health and is indicated for the prevention of atherosclerosis and for people suffering from psoriasis, acne and other skin diseases. In addition, omega included in the formulation as well affect the metabolism and increasing the natural resistance.

Swanson EPO Evening Primrose Oil, a very positive effect on the body: helps firming and moisturizing the skin, affects the body's natural immunity. Evening primrose oil is also recommended for people with very dry, rough skin - including the psoriatic lesions, and people suffering from acne.

1 capsule 1-2 times per day. Product contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


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