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SWANSON AjiPure L-Proline 500 mg capsules x 60

SWANSON AjiPure L-Proline 500 mg capsules x 60

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  • SWANSON AjiPure L-Proline is a formula that works for regulating cellular metabolism. Stimulates the synthesis of proteins, nourishes the joints, skin and hair. Participates in the construction of the collagen fibers. Accelerates convalescence after injuries.

Content in 1 capsule .:
AjiPure® L-Proline 500 mg

Other ingredients:
gelatin (capsule), stearic acid, magnesium stearate and / or silica (anti-caking).

The preparation is characterized by a unique composition. L-proline is an amino acid endogenous, that is converted in
hydroxy-proline. It builds collagen, which is the primary protein which forms connective tissue. Thanks to a beneficial effect on the condition of the joints and organ motion (speeds up recovery from injuries) and improves the appearance of hair and skin. Visibly smoothes fine wrinkles, increase skin hydration and rebuilds the hair follicles. It stimulates the process of synthesizing the proteins and thereby assist in the formation of the body musculature.

It is recommended to use the preparation of athletes, especially with a history of musculoskeletal injuries.

It is used orally in a dosage of 1 1kaps.x / 24h.


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