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SUPPORTAN DRINK flavor cappuccino or tropical fruit

SUPPORTAN DRINK flavor cappuccino or tropical fruit

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SUPPORTAN DRINK flavor cappuccino or tropical fruit 4 x 200ml 

  • SUPPORTAN DRINK. People with cancer are highly threatened group of patients the onset of malnutrition. Specially developed a complete, high-energy diet as beverage flavored cappuccino drink Supportan.
  • flavored can be cappuccino or tropical fruit.


SUPPORTAN DRINK flavor cappuccino or tropical fruit Ingredients:

water, milk protein, sucrose, maltodextrin, fish oil (from soy lecithin), vegetable oils (safflower oil, sunflower oil), triglycerides of medium chain length (MCT), inulin (chicory), flavors, wheat dextrin citrate potassium, emulsifying agents (lecithin, E 471), sodium chloride, sodium citrate, vitamin C, magnesium oxide, iron pyrophosphate, magnesium citrate, zinc sulfate, niacin, vitamin E, manganese chloride, pantothenic acid, copper sulfate, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, sodium fluoride, vitamin B1, beta-carotene, vitamin A, folic acid, potassium iodide, chromium chloride, sodium selenate, sodium molybdate, vitamin K1, biotin, vitamin D3, vitamin B12.

Nutritional value 100ml: energy value - 630kJ / 150kcal fat (40kJ%) - 6.7g, including: saturates - 2.8g MCT - 1.6g, monounsaturated fatty acids - 1.6g, polyunsaturates - 2.3 g EPA - 0.50 g, DHA, - 0.21 g; carbohydrates (31kJ%) - 11,6g, including sugars - 7.0g, lactose <0.5g; fiber (2kJ%) - 1.5 g protein (27kJ%) - 10 g water - 76ml. Osmolarity - 435mosmol / l. Osmolality - 575mosmol / kg H 2 O; Vitamin A - 150mcg ER beta-carotene - 375mcg, vitamin D3 - 2,5mcg, vitamin E - alpha-ET 3,75mg, Vitamin K1 - 21mcg, vitamin B1 - 0.3mg Vitamin B2 - 0.4mg, niacin - 3,75mg EN, vitamin B6 - 0,43mg, vitamin B12 - 0,75mcg, pantothenic acid - 1.5 mg, biotin - 9,4mcg, folic acid - 62,5mcg, vitamin C - 18,8mg, choline - 2, 5mg, sodium - 47,5mg, potassium - 128mg, chloride - 50 mg, calcium - 203mg, magnesium - 26mg, phosphorus - 120 mg of iron - 2.5 mg, zinc - 2,0mg, copper - 375mcg, manganese - 0.5mg. iodine - 37,5mcg, fluorides - 0.25mg, chrome - 12,5mcg, molybdenum - 18,8mcg, selenium - 13,5mcg.

Supportan Drink is a product that can be regarded as a complete, specialized diet used as the sole source of nourishment of undernourished people. Cappuccino beverage flavor preparation is a high-energy (1,5kcal / ml) characterized by a high content of protein, fat, and fish oil derived from fatty acids EPA and DHA. The formula also contains a fiber, MCT and trace amounts of caffeine (0.3mg / 100ml), a suitable composition of vitamins and minerals. The product is clinically free of lactose, does not contain gluten.

Dietary food for special medical purposes Supportan drink for use in the dietary management of patients at risk of malnutrition, and malnourished patients. Recommended especially in the case of cancer, chronic catabolic disease or cachexia syndrome (cachexia).

Additional information:
Contains ingredients derived from soy and fish and milk protein. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. It can be used as the sole source of nutrition. It is recommended to be used with caution in children under 6 years of age. In the case of the total feed should take into account the high level of fish oil and protein.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the beverage. Do not use less than 1 year of age. Do not use in patients with galactosemia.


How to use SUPPORTAN DRINK flavor cappuccino or tropical fruit:

Take SUPPORTAN DRINK under medical supervision, the correct amount for daily consumption should consult medical personnel. It is recommended to receive 2 bottles (600kcal) per day in the case of complementary feeding. In the case of the total feed should be used with bottles of 5 or more per day. Top cool before serving, should drink slowly. Bottle after opening the store in the fridge, eat within 24 hours. The use of the preparation should be accompanied by adequate fluid intake. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.


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