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Succinic Acid Antioxidant Amber Natural Powerful Health N10 UK stock FAST DELIVERY

Succinic Acid Antioxidant Amber Natural Powerful Health N10 UK stock FAST DELIVERY

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Succinic Acid Antioxidant Amber Natural Powerful Health 10Tabs.
Succinic acid 500mg
10 tablets.
- Succinic acid is a product obtained processing natural amber. It is an organic, natural substance noted for powerful health promoting effect that does not cause side effects and addiction as well as does not accumulate in the organism.
- One sheet - 10 tablets x 0,5gram
Effect of the succinic acid on a human body:
- Anti-inflammatory effect;
- Helps normalize the state of the organism;
- Very beneficial for the elderly;
- Strengthens the immune system;
- Helps the sportsmen to adapt more easily to the increasing load;
- Stimulates the production of insulin in the body and thus reduces the blood sugar;
- Helps against stress.

• improve a number of organs: brain, heart (to improve power supply and strengthens), kidney (dissolves stones), liver, etc .;

• prevents the formation of tumors and inhibits growth have been incurred;

• strengthens the immune system, is useful in patients with bronchinėmis, pneumonia disease in allergies;

• stimulate the production of insulin in the body and thus reduces the amount of sugar in the blood;

• normalizes the nervous system, helps with stress;

• chronic inflammatory processes of female gynecological diseases;

• neutralize a large portion of poison (including smoking, alcohol, drugs);

• improves microcirculation in tissues and organs.

Natural succinic acid is found in small quantities neprinokusiose gooseberry and grape berries, beet juice, rhubarb, barley, sunflower and alfalfa. A small amount of free succinic acid is amber cavities and the "shell." The human body also produces succinic acid by the use for their own.However, weakened immunity, in stressful situations, when metabolism is the body unable to produce the necessary materials there and succinic acid, the lack of expression of the constantly emerging fatigue, lack of energy, changes in the circulatory system, reduced resistance to infections, viral diseases.

Sensitivity to atmospheric pressure and air exchange, fatigue and a feeling of self-doubt, inability to resist, forgetfulness - all this yet no disease and no signs of the approach of old age, but only succinic acid deficiency rate. The body changes with age are complex and multifaceted. However, most of them related to energy supply processes intensity slowdown in the provision of vital body functions. Succinic acid preparations can prevent dangerous oxidation of lipids in the body within a relatively short period of time to restore memory and the physical capacity to optimize the body controlled mechanisms and metabolic processes. In this case disappears "old age of onset" of the disease, normalizes sleep, and those who use medicinal products they produce side effects.
It can be said that succinic acid is - efficient, friendly tool that helps extend the life activity to a ripe old age.
In keeping with today's interpretations of the mechanisms of aging, longevity caused by complex genetic and environmental influence on the person. Genetic effects are set by nature.
Aging process depends on the intensity of cell division. Fast fission takes place only at a young age. The cells do not live long, they die once they fulfill their task. They store energy and give it to the body. After that, the old cells comes a new location. The signs of aging on the cell level, and then, and this is evident in the population. Including rejuvenation must start in the cells.
The first cause of aging - capillary metabolic disorder. When blood flow is disrupted tissue, then around the weak and unhealthy cells develop as a stationary wall, to prevent the transmission of nutrients and accumulates inside the vitality null and materials. Growing cells in an area filled with toxins and aging encompasses more and more space in the body.
Another reason is the aging of toxic substances, namely dead cells, removing the disorder. It is often associated with renal impairment. Finally harmful remnants of dead cells accumulate in the extracellular fluid. The human body is very clever cutout. He has a powerful multiple cleansing system. Just do not hamper normal functioning. Toxins and waste materials that are consumed as food, are removed in the intestine.
Next step - the liver. They filter the blood that comes from the gut. Toxins are passing through the intestinal walls are combined and returned to the intestines together with bile in order to be expelled from the body or are removed in the next step of cleansing - the kidneys.
Slag build-up connective, adipose tissue of the body. Is insufficient, and these cleaning agents, slag removed with mucus through the throat, nose and then through the lungs and skin.
As we can see, the body's removal of dead cells and capillary blood flow to accelerate improvements need to protect the natural body's defense system. This process can help a great succinic acid.
Succinic acid helps and endometriosis the initial stages. Timely use of succinic acid in turn can stop tumor growth.

See the cause of the disease in the cells!
The body condition is directly related to tissue cells mitochondria. In various pathological situations energy mitochondrial function substantially reduced. Studies have linked this phenomenon has been carried out in the course of a few years around the world in scientific laboratories. Recently, this research is particularly drew attention to the fact that the mechanism set up in connection with malfunctioning mitochondrial DNA offense. The reason lies in the oxidation process is interrupted. On his cell changes occur not reversed. It turned out that oxidising agents or energy balance disorders are associated with cell communication mechanism.
A number of
nkių disease is related to the fact that on the cell's DNA.Actually bred a group of diseases known as mitochondrinėmis. It is a disease associated with neurological disorders (neurodegenerative), Alzheimer's, Parkinson syndromes, disorders in some way connected with tissue damage - cardiomyopathy, diabetes, muscular dystrophy.
Succinic acid can be used as an antioxidant, which is very efficient for the body and affects the mitochondria. It is believed that the use of succinic acid increases hope in the fight against these diseases harmful to human health.
So succinic acid - a tool that has a rejuvenating effect capable. By using its products, one can sulauti elderly properly, as it is, not eternal struggle with the disease, and in search of drugs.
Use: for adults, 1 tablet 2 times daily with meals. Duration of use – 1 month. Do not exceed the
recommended daily dose (2 tablets). The food supplement should not be used as food substitute.
Succinic Acid (25%), glucose, magnesium stearate.
Do not store above + 25 degrees and place of the reach of children.


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