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STRESS GUARD, L-Tyrosine, catuaba bark, yam root extract

STRESS GUARD, L-Tyrosine, catuaba bark, yam root extract

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STRESS GUARD capsules 120 pcs,L-Tyrosine, catuaba bark, yam root extract

for optimal stress prevention.

Stress Guard

... for optimal stress prevention

Stress is your body's reaction to emotional, mental and physical stress. In order to cope with stressful situations, our body mobilizes all available forces.

If stress continues, it often has a negative impact on the autonomic nervous system – with possible effects on the metabolism and the immune system .

The individual stress signals from our body are not always perceived as such in stressful situations. Because our vegetative nervous system acts mainly unconsciously. It regulates tension and regeneration in the body. It is therefore particularly important for the energy functions of our body in the event of prolonged stress .
Stress can also cause psychological symptoms. These include: increasing sleep disorders including daytime tiredness, lack of concentration, reduced self-confidence, anxiety and irritability. If the emotional life suffers, interest in the environment can be lost. Likewise, sexual interest can decrease - up to the loss of libido.

Stress diagnostics
By analyzing the vegetative nervous system and the neurohormones, targeted stress prevention can be initiated. Special measurements of the urine and saliva can provide information for determining the individual stress quality - as well as psychometric tests and computer-aided analysis methods (e.g. the determination of the heart rate variability/HRV).

Individual stress
Everyone is different. Our perception of stress and our ability to react to stress factors also vary greatly.
Chronic stress has an impact on the autonomic system and affects the balance in the neuroendocrine system (nervous system that influences metabolism and the immune system).

Stress prevention
Stress is often unavoidable in various areas of life. For successful stress prevention, stress awareness must be learned. It begins with mindfulness and reflection on one's own physical needs. Also because deceleration and rest periods are often neglected in our time. In order to maintain our balanced quality of life, we also need a varied and conscious diet and appropriate physical exercise.
A stressful life demands your balance of vital substances . You can meet the increased physical demands through the targeted intake of certain vital substances ( amino acids and vitamins as well as certain minerals ).

Stress Guard ... our product
Clinical stress analyzes have shown that chronic stress can lead to a measurable loss of certain vital substances that are important for the nervous system. The consequences in the early phase are a lack of drive, loss of motivation and concentration. Stress Guard contains important nutrients and vital substances that have proven their worth in times of increased stress.


Ingredients STRESS GUARD, L-Tyrosine, catuaba bark, yam root extract


Rhodiola Root
Extract Catuaba Bark Extract
Yam Root Extract


Dosage Stress Guard:
Adults take 2 x 2 capsules with sufficient liquid before meals.

The specified daily consumption should not be exceeded.


STRESS GUARD, L-Tyrosine, catuaba bark, yam root extract Ingredients:


L-Tyrosine, Calcium Carbonate, Rhodiola Root Extract, Catuaba Bark Extract, Nicotinamide, Yam Root Extract, Pyridoxine 5-Phosphate.
Pterylmonoglutamic acid, vegan capsule shell with hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - suitable for vegetarians. Cellulose (filler)
The preparation contains no preservatives, no coloring additives or flavor enhancers. Gluten and lactose free.


active ingredient Effect in stress prevention
Pyridoxine 5-Phosphate This bio-activated vitamin B6 can be converted directly in the cellular metabolism.
folate This active form of folic acid corresponds to the intake from natural foods and can be easily utilized in the cellular metabolism.
calcium Calcium in particular regulates the transmission of messenger substances in the nervous system.
niacin It supports the energy balance through its influence on the carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
Rhodiola Root Extract Increases alertness and endurance when tired and alleviates stress-related disorders.
Catuaba bark extract Catuaba preparations have an invigorating effect and are used as a stimulant in some regions.
Yam Root Extract Is rich in vitamin E and zinc and thus offers protection against oxidative stress
Ingredients (amounts) Stress Guard 4 capsules %NRV*
L-Tyrosine 500 mg /
Pyridoxine-5-Phosphate (active vitamin B6) 20 mg 1428
folate 1000mcg 500
calcium 200 mg 25
niacin 100 mg 625
Rhodiola root extract
from Rosavine

// _
Catuaba bark extract 200 mg /
Yam root extract
of which diosgenin

// _
*% NRV nutrient reference values ​​according to VO (EU) No.1169/2011


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