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Stress relief STRESS FARM Liquid 100ml

Stress relief STRESS FARM Liquid 100ml

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Stress relief STRESS FARM Liquid 100ml

  • Stress relief Stress Farm, contains natural ingredients: lemon balm leaf, lavender flowers, ranks hops, linden blossom, oat herb and rosemary, which are connected in a fluid stress Farm act positively on the nervous system, relieve stress and help you fall asleep after a hard day.


Stress relief STRESS FARM Composition:

Glicerolowo-aqueous extracts of herbs:
go balm 150 mg, lavender flowers 100 mg, cone hops 100 mg, linden blossom 50 mg, oat herb 50 mg, herb rosemary 25 mg

Additional ingredients Stress relief STRESS FARM:
magnesium citrate 125 mg (7% RDA) vitamin B6 1.4 mg (100% RDA)
RDA - recommended daily intake.

Stress relief STRESS FARM Action:
Stress Farm, is a product based on a natural formula with lemon balm, lavender, hops, lime tree and herb oats and rosemary, which gently and non-invasively affects the nervous system. Raw materials contained in the liquid Stress Farm, are known and valued in natural medicine for its soothing effects of stress, soothing nerves and help you fall asleep after a long, busy day.


Application Stress relief:

The preparation Stress Farm, helps supplement the diet with ingredients of soothing stress and help you fall asleep.

1-2 times daily 1 teaspoon of tea.


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