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STEVIA, 97% rebaudioside, A sweetener

STEVIA, 97% rebaudioside, A sweetener

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STEVIA 97% rebaudioside A sweetener 30 g

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni), also known as sweet herb or honey herb, is a plant native to Paraguay. Stevia owes its amazing sweetening power, which far exceeds that of ordinary sugar, to the steviol glycosides found in the leaves. Due to the content of at least 97% rebaudioside A, the steviol glycoside with the purest, sweetest taste, stevia sweetener can be dosed extremely sparingly. Stevia sweetener is practically calorie-free, has no effect on blood sugar levels and is therefore suitable for diabetics.

Stevia sweetener can be used in many ways as a sugar substitute, including for baking and cooking. 


STEVIA, 97% rebaudioside, A sweetener Dosage:


1 level measuring spoon corresponds to about 15 g sugar or 5 sugar cubes.

STEVIA, 97% rebaudioside, A sweetener  Ingredients:


100% steviol glycosides, of which at least 97% are rebaudioside A


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