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Sports drinks, Balance mineral drink, BASICA Sport Sticks powder

Sports drinks, Balance mineral drink, BASICA Sport Sticks powder

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Sports drinks, Balance mineral drink, BASICA Sport Sticks powder

pack size:50 pcs Dosage form:powder


Basica ® Sport, alkaline drinking powder for athletes, Sports drinks, Balance mineral drink

The alkaline mineral drink for performance and regeneration in sports

Basica Sport is a fast-dissolving drinking powder with a fresh citrus taste. The hypotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte solution helps maintain endurance performance during prolonged endurance training and improves fluid absorption.

In addition, Basica Sport provides basic minerals, vitamins and trace elements:
magnesium and potassium contribute to normal muscle function. Calcium, vitamin B2 and copper support the energy metabolism, zinc the acid-base balance. Vitamin C and selenium ensure a healthy function of the immune system.

When the glycogen stores in the muscles are exhausted after intensive physical activity, the carbohydrates maltodextrin and sucrose contribute to the regeneration of muscle function (total of 4 g carbohydrates per kg body weight within 4-6 hours after training).

Sports drinks, Balance mineral drink. Basica Sport with triple energy:

• Before sport: fill up your energy storage
• During sport: recharge your batteries •
After sport : recharge your batteries Recommended

Sports drinks, Balance mineral drink consumption:
2 to a maximum of 4 portions per day. Depending on the sporting intensity and duration, drink before, during or after sport.


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