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SPIRULINA pellets SANA 600 pieces

A mild, sunny climate all year round and clean water resources provide the optimal conditions for the production of spirulina. It only thrives in so-called brackish water, which is a mixture of salt and fresh water that is only found in the estuaries to the sea. The spirulina algae from SanaCare is cultivated on the coast of Haweii in breeding ponds on lava fields without chemical-synthetic fertilizers, also free of herbicides and pesticides. 

In order to be able to preserve the nutrients, the product is spray-dried at 35°C with the exclusion of oxygen. It is a patented drying process that guarantees the highest quality. The tablets are then cold-pressed directly by the manufacturer

The spirulina pellets provide essential nutrients in a very concentrated form and meet the body's needs without a lot of calories and fat. 


Recommended SPIRULINA pellets SANA intake:


Take 5 - 8 pellets daily.

Keep out of the reach of children.


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