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SPIRULINA BASE granules, Morocco

SPIRULINA BASE granules, Morocco

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SPIRULINA BASE granules, Morocco


• The high naturally bound iron content is ideal for women, especially pregnant women, athletes, the elderly, children and blood donors.

• The high protein content of over 50% makes Spirulina Base a valuable source of well-tolerated protein and essential amino acids.



Grown in Morocco under strict ecological conditions. Free from pesticides and fungicides. No irradiation, no genetic engineering, no storage in silos, no spray drying, no heating. The production takes place gently, purely mechanically by hand, with wind and solar energy.

These plants grow and thrive in deep waters, where the access to light rays is drastically reduced.
Thanks to this, the ability to absorb minimal light and transform it into viable and valuable components is developed.
Algae is rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients.

The most popular classification of seaweed
green algae,
among which the most complex in terms of structure are Charophyceae;
Green algae - one of the classes of green algae, distinguished by their infrastructural morphology;
Brown algae;
Red algae;
sea ​​flowering plants.
In fact, the color of algae depends on the type of light absorbed.
The deeper it is, the darker it is.
Which type of algae is best
It is difficult to identify and isolate.
Each of them is distinctive, with a complex of different ingredients.
Because of this, it is most beneficial for the body to use different types of algae. The rich composition of algae has a wide range of positive systemic effects.

Algae have a global effect
In addition, algae have strong antioxidant properties, significantly delaying the physiological signs of aging in the body.

Such a broad spectrum of effects allows algae to be widely used in nutrition

Use of algae in dog nutrition e

 has a broad positive effect on individual systems: digestion, bones and joints, urine, blood vessels, skin, and the whole body.

For healthy dogs, their use as a food supplement affects the quality of the fur, improves the color of the hair pigment, because the algae contain B-carotene and Omega-6 acids. 

This is especially desirable for show dogs, whose hair should be in top condition regardless of the season.

For sick dogs

for those prone to food and skin allergies, algae can help alleviate the symptoms of the disease.
They are also recommended for dogs suffering from joint degeneration, hip or elbow dysplasia, etc.


The group that you need to be careful about and consult a doctor or veterinarian are those dogs that suffer from hyperthyroidism.
Because excess iodine is definitely prohibited, and algae is a good source of it.

How  to use algae?

If there are no contraindications, it can be used continuously. 
Then it is especially easy to notice visible changes. For example - the quality of fur. Therefore, especially during the period of intense hair change, it is worth enriching your daily diet with them.

Algae is a great supplement with a very wide range of effects. 


SPIRULINA BASE granules, Morocco:

Spirulina Base® with natural iron contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, the normal functioning of the immune system and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

pack size:120g Dosage form:granules


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