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SORA Liquid for head lice 100ml, head lice treatment, dimethicone oil, silicone oil

SORA Liquid for head lice 100ml, head lice treatment, dimethicone oil, silicone oil

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  • Head lice treatment, dimethicone oil,silicone oil. Head lice are a common occurrence among children. By sending a toddler to kindergarten, you have to count on the fact that the child can come home, scratching and complaining about the itch. It will then help the SORA fluid, which is effective and easy to use.

Active substance: dimethicone (silicone oil).

The SORA medical device is a great solution for all mothers whose babies are infected with mice. It is a modern remedy that does not contain any toxic substances or fragrances, preservatives or dyes. The preparation contains 100% dimethicone, or silicone oil. Its action is based on the effective clogging of the breathing holes (sclera) lice and gnid. It takes about 10 minutes, after which time the parasites are suffocating and their larvae die. Compared to the old methods of licking the lice, the use of SORA fluid is simple and quick. The product does not contain harmful insecticides, so it is safe even for pregnant women.

SORA Headworm control fluid for germ and louse control. Preparation for use in children and adults. Safe also for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Additional Information: The
product should be stored below 25 ° C, out of the reach of children.

Preparation for external use only. Read the leaflet carefully before use. Use on dry hair, apply liquid until hair and scalp are sufficiently moistened. Leave the preparation for 10 minutes or a little longer. After this time, thoroughly comb the hair with the attached comb to separate the strands. When finished, wash your hair with warm water and shampoo.


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