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SOLBABY nasal aspirator x 1 piece

SOLBABY nasal aspirator x 1 piece

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SOLBABY nasal aspirator x 1 piece

  • Extremely helpful equipment for any parent. Aspirator Solbaby simplifies daily nasal hygiene, and particularly suitable for removing secretions of the nose with respiratory infections. It can be used in infants from the first days of life.

Aspirator, 3 Extra Soft disposable tips.

The use of the aspirator to the nose greatly helps fight symptoms of colds or sinusitis. In a quick and painless way to remove accumulated secretions, bringing relief and facilitating breathing. Reduction of secretions and mucus in the nasal cavity is beneficial for the daily functioning of the child - not just breathing, but also for smooth feeding and sleep. Medical device - aspirator Solbaby - suction secretions. Each terminal is equipped with a special filter that absorbs mucus. To maintain high efficiency, health and safety and the prevention of recurrence of infection after the end of each use should be discarded.

Aspirator nasal Solbaby designed to remove retained secretions and mucus from the nose of the child.

Additional information:
tips are disposable. Aspirator may be used only with original tips Solbaby.

The child should be placed in the supine position. Replaceable tip connected to the body of the aspirator, gently introduce the smaller end of the nostril. Using the mouthpiece with a flexible hose, suck secretions. Special filter stops the discharge, which prevents it from entering further into the tube and mouth. Using the same tip, repeat the procedure for the other nostril. When you have finished, disconnect the tip of the aspirator body and discard. To facilitate the treatment and decrease the amount of secretions is recommended to use a saline solution - Solbaby sea water.


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