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Sodium hyaluronate eye drops, VISIODORON Malva

Sodium hyaluronate eye drops, VISIODORON Malva

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Sodium hyaluronate eye drops, VISIODORON Malva

pack size:10ml Dosage form:eye drop

Sodium hyaluronate eye drops, Visiodoron Malva ® (medicinal product)

Naturally effective eye drops for dry and irritated eyes

If the tear film cannot moisten the eyes sufficiently, they feel dry and irritated, the blinking rubs - as if there were a foreign body in the eye. Visiodoron Malva ®  with GMO-free sodium hyaluronate and mallow extract stabilizes the tear film, soothes and moisturizes. Irritated, dry or tired eyes are moistened and soothed. Visiodoron Malva ® is a medical product and can be used without age restrictions.

✔ Soothes dry and irritated eyes
✔ Moisturizes
✔ Stabilizes the tear film

Sodium hyaluronate eye drops Visiodoron Malva ®is available in mono doses for on the go or now also in multi doses (10ml) for multiple applications.

Advantages of the 10ml bottle:
• Particularly suitable for long-term users • Can be kept for
12 months after opening Irritated

Sodium hyaluronate eye drops and dry eyes?
Tear fluid keeps the eyes clean and moist. With every blink of the eye, they are cleaned and moisturized at the same time. Screen work, artificial light, sensory overload or increasing environmental pollution can throw the eye and the tear film out of balance. If tear production is disturbed, dry eyes can occur. Possible consequences are watery, reddened and irritated eyes.

Moisturizing eye drops, also known as artificial tears, such as Visiodoron Malva ® eye drops from Weleda are suitable for treating dry and irritated eyes. The salt of hyaluronic acid behaves similarly to the body's own tear fluid and forms a clear, long-lasting protective film on the surface of the eye. Mallow extract soothes irritated eyes and stabilizes the tear film.


Sodium hyaluronate eye drops, VISIODORON Malva . Good to know: Blinking keeps the eyes moist and
clean and thus protects against inflammation.

Medicinal Herbs: Wild Mallow

The wild mallow (Malva sylvestris) can be found almost everywhere in the world on roadsides, house walls, slopes and field edges. From June to early September, blue-violet to pink-red petals adorn the plant, which can grow to a height of 1.40 metres. The main active ingredient of wild mallow is the abundant plant mucilage. The beautiful plant owes its tradition as a medicinal plant to him. The mucilage has the ability to bind and store water. Anthroposophic medicine also makes use of this quality. Visiodoron Malva ® with GMO-free sodium hyaluronate contains an extract from organically grown mallow.

Dosage and method of application of the Visiodoron Malva ® eye drops, Sodium hyaluronate eye drops, VISIODORON Malva  (medical device)

Application Multi-dose bottle

Hold the bottle with the dropper opening pointing downwards and apply 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac of the eye, if required, by applying firm, sustained pressure. Slowly close the eye to allow the liquid to spread evenly over the surface of the eye. Avoid touching the drip opening with your eyes or hands. Any drop that may still be on the drop opening should be removed by gently tapping the bottom of the bottle.


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