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SKINSEPT PUR liquid skin cleansing 1l

SKINSEPT PUR liquid skin cleansing 1l

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  • SKINSEPT PUR liquid skin cleansing product is characterized by a broad spectrum of activity against pathogenic micro-organisms present on the skin surface. Perfect for decontamination before injections, punctures and treatments.

100 g of solution contains: active ingredient: 46.0 g of ethanol (denatured 96%), 27.0 g of isopropyl alcohol, 1.0 g of alcohol bezzylowego. Excipients hydrogen peroxide and purified water.

The product has a unique composition responsible for the antiseptic properties. Its effects include such microorganisms on the surface of the skin, such as bacteria (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and MRSA), fungi and viruses (HBV, HIV, herpes, Rota, adeno). It has a fast action of the prolonged duration of action. Ideal for disinfecting the skin by injections, punctures and treatments. It does not contain iodine, it is colorless and autosterylny. It also helps to degrease the skin.

This product is intended to be used for disinfecting the skin before the planned treatments, injections and punctures.

used topically. The sterile pad soaked in a liquid, and then wipe the skin. For one minute, until dry. In case of emergency virus HVB extend the operating time to 2 minutes, again applying the formulation to the skin.


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