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Skin warts on back, WORTIE Special

Skin warts on back, WORTIE Special

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Skin warts on back, WORTIE Special against skin warts

pack size:50ml Dosage form:metered dose inhaler

Skin warts on back, Wortie ® special

Wortie ® special for easy and safe removal of skin tag at home. With precision applicator and self-adhesive fixation rings. 


Product Skin warts on back, WORTIE Special description: 


With Wortie ® special you can safely and conveniently remove skin warts at home. Wortie ® Spezial uses tried and tested cryotherapy. With innovative technology, it freezes skin nipples quickly and easily. Wordie ® is included in each pack for extra ease of use

Skin warts on back, WORTIE Special:

special self-adhesive fixing rings. They stabilize the wart for precise treatment. The precision applicator with a cylindrical tip fits precisely onto the fixation ring and protects surrounding skin areas from accidental freezing.

For treatment, the fixation ring is glued to the skin around the skin tag. After activation, the precision applicator is placed on the skin tag for 40 seconds. After 10 to 14 days, the previously frozen wart falls off and is replaced with smooth, healthy skin.


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