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SIKAPUR Silica gel silicon dioxide 200 ml

SIKAPUR Silica gel silicon dioxide 200 ml

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SIKAPUR Silica gel silicon dioxide. Silicium Gel F silicon dioxide

Active ingredient: Silica gel with precipitated, dispersed colloidal silicon dioxide.

SIKAPUR Silica gel silicon dioxide Areas of application:
Traditionally used: internally to prevent brittle fingernails and hair, to strengthen the connective tissue; externally for localized local irritation of the skin. This information is based solely on tradition and many years of experience.

SIKAPUR Silica gel silicon dioxide For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
As of 06/21. Huebner Naturarzneimittel GmbH, 79236 Ehrenkirchen.

sikapur ® silica gel
For firm skin, strong hair, strong nails and healthy connective tissue.

Your product SIKAPUR Silica gel silicon dioxide benefits at a glance:

100% silica gel - the purely mineral beauty treatment from the inside
For firm skin, strong hair, strong nails and healthy connective tissue
Optimal usability due to silicon in finely divided form
Ideal as a treatment lasting several months, once or twice a year
Only 15 ml once a day
Odorless and tasteless
Vegetarian and vegan, gluten and lactose free
Without colorants, preservatives, gel formers and stabilizers

Silicium - the all-rounder for natural beauty from within.
With a targeted supply of nutrients, we can easily support a fresh, healthy and radiant appearance from the inside out. For this, nature offers an almost inexhaustible range. One of these natural all-rounders is the essential trace element silicon, as found in sikapur silica preparations, for example. Although there are only about 1.4 grams in our body, silicon is still present in almost every cell and is essential for firm skin, strong hair, firm nails and firm connective tissue.

Among other things, it is jointly responsible for the formation of connective tissue structures and influences the formation of collagen and elastin. It supports the structure and moisture balance of the connective tissue, ensures a more beautiful complexion and promotes the growth and resistance of hair and fingernails. If there is a silicon deficiency, brittle, thin hair, brittle nails, pale and wrinkled skin and slack connective tissue are the most common signs. Since we excrete around 60 mg of silicon per day, our body cannot produce trace elements itself and a regular intake through food is usually not possible, sikapur silica preparations are ideally suited for covering the daily silicon requirement.

Silica - Better than silica
In nature, silicon is never found in pure form, but always in connection with oxygen. This is the case with silica powder, for example. Here the silicon is bound in large molecular complexes and is hardly soluble in water - which makes it much more difficult for the body to absorb it. Silica, on the other hand, consists of a combination of silicon, oxygen AND water and is a gel-like liquid. The silicon is very finely distributed here, ie the particles are on average around 1,800 times smaller than in silica. This makes absorption through the intestine much easier, so that the silicon can be optimally utilized in the body.


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