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Essential Care

Shea butter, Butter on a growing belly 20g

Shea butter, Butter on a growing belly 20g

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  • Shea butter. Essential Care Essential Butter contains a blend of organic, high-grade vegetable oils enriched with essential oils of citrus and ylang-ylang flowers. Butter helps in the fight against stretch marks, moisturizes and nourishes the body.

coconut oil *, extra virgin olive oil *, shea butter *, beeswax *, essential oils of: grapefruit *, orange *, ylang ylang *, limonene * & linalool * (from essential oils).

*) grown and produced organically (100% of product).

Essential Care Essential Butter, a natural cosmetic with a blend of the best organic plant oils and essential oils. Butter is a source of vitamins and minerals valuable for the skin's condition, helping in the fight against stretch marks. After applying, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic. The preparation is especially recommended for pregnant women and after childbirth, when the skin requires a very sensitive, safe and systematic care. It has a 100% natural fragrance. It does not contain parabens and artificial colors.

Essential Care Essential Butter, is recommended for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy (from 3 months), after childbirth (up to 3-6 months) and during puberty as well as in the case of slimming. The preparation may also be suitable as body butter (for very dry skin).

How to use:
massage into the abdomen, breasts and buttocks, once or twice a day from around 3 months of pregnancy. After delivery, use daily for 3 - 6 months to maintain skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks due to too fast "convergence" of the skin.


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