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SEA SALT SOLUTION ISOMAR ampoules hypertonic solution 3%

SEA SALT SOLUTION ISOMAR ampoules hypertonic solution 3%

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SEA SALT SOLUTION ISOMAR ampoules hypertonic solution 3%

pack size:18 pcs Dosage form:ampoules

Naso-Nose ISOMAR® 18 ampoules decongestant Hypertonic sea salt solution from the Cinque Terre marine reserve ISOMAR® ampoules decongestant is a hypertonic solution based on pure seawater with a natural decongestant effect on the nasal mucous membranes. 

Hypertonic seawater rids the nose of excess mucus through an osmosis effect. The product does not cause dependence even with prolonged use, does not damage the mucous membranes, can be used even during pregnancy and overdose is not possible. ISOMAR® ampoules decongestion is suitable for the treatment of all allergies and also for use against hay fever. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ISOMAR® ampoules decongestant is suitable for the following applications: The product dissolves mucus, Promotes drainage and relieves swelling in the upper airways. In the case of allergic colds and allergies, the paranasal sinuses are freed from accumulated mucus. It relieves the symptoms of sinusitis and rhinosinusitis, thoroughly cleans the sinuses from dust and smog. 

DIRECTIONS Twist the cap to open the sealed bottle. The bottle contains a single dose. Infants: Insert the opening of the bottle into the nostrils of the child lying down. 

Squeeze the bottle to dispense the desired amoun. Children who can use ISOMAR® ampoules for decongestion alone and adults: Insert the bottle alternately into both nostrils and squeeze. Tilt your head back, pinch the other nostril and draw the product into your nose


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