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Schulke Wound Pad Blau x 10 pieces

Schulke Wound Pad Blau x 10 pieces

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  • Specialized wound dressings Schulke Wound Pad Blau is recommended to be used to increase blood circulation, as well as to stimulate granulation processes. A blue dressing is characterized by an average degree of roughness.

Operation of Schulke Wound Pad Blau:

The product is made of flexible, foamed polyurethane with a unique structure and a rough surface. There are three types of dressings to choose from, differing in the degree of roughness and the level of fluids and air permeability (red, blue, white). The Schulke Wound Pad Blau dressing (blue) has medium pores, a slightly rough structure and an average fluid permeability coefficient. The most important functions of the dressing include: increasing blood circulation and facilitating oxygen supply to tissues, stimulating granulation processes and spontaneous cleansing of the wound, support for epithelialization processes. In addition, the dressing counteracts skin maceration and reduces the number of bacteria. The product does not stick to the wound, it is easy to use. Different colors of dressings can be used together. The size of the dressing: 6.25 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm.

Schulke Wound Pad Blau wound dressing for wound healing and care, for use on acute and chronic wounds, postoperative wounds, extensive burns, insufficient blood wounds, infected wounds that need to be cleaned, as well as pressure ulcers (wound prevention ).

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children at room temperature.

Do not use in places of direct contact with mucous membranes or internal organs.

How to use Schulke Wound Pad Blau dressing:

A product for single use. Use the dressing as directed by your doctor or qualified healthcare personnel. Apply directly to the wound or wound. Can be combined with the Octenilin® wound irrigation solution


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