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SCHOLL sided file smoothing feet x 1 piece

SCHOLL sided file smoothing feet x 1 piece

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  • SCHOLL Pilnik Smoothing Foot is a product that is responsible for the effective and significant reduction of dead and hardened skin. It contributes to a strong smoothing and softening the skin.

SCHOLL Pilnik Smoothing Foot has two surfaces - coarse and fine. Thanks to more effectively reduce the dead skin. Home coarse perfectly removes hardened skin, and this is responsible for the fine-grained accurate smoothing of the skin feet. It gives it an unusual, attractive appearance. By removing hard skin, feet are pleasantly soft. The product is efficient and very easy to use. SCHOLL Pilnik Smoothing Foot used regularly brings great results. It can be washed and is suitable for multiple use. It has a profiled head, which also reaches into restricted areas. It prevents build-up of hard skin.

It is recommended to use the file to reduce hard and calloused skin feet (especially on the heels and toes).

How to use:
Apply externally. Before use, it is advisable to soften the skin. Smoothing treatment begin removing the hardened skin using a coarse surface. Then smooth out the fine side of the file. Use as needed. In order to achieve a better result at the end of the massage the feet Scholl Regenerating Cream for dry skin.


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