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scholl fungal nail treatment for onychomycosis 3,8ml

scholl fungal nail treatment for onychomycosis 3,8ml

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scholl fungal nail treatment.
  • SCHOLL preparation for onychomycosis is a product that has a two-phase operation. In the 1st phase destroys the fungus causing the infection, and 2 prevents the re-emission and spread of infection.

The preparation for onychomycosis, thanks to the unique formula penetrates deep into the nail plate and 99% destroys fungal cells. In this way it protects against fungal attack and destroy the infection at the source of its creation. Prevents further spread of infection and prevent its retransmission. It works in two phases.

It is recommended to use the product for the treatment and prevention of onychomycosis.

It is recommended to use directly on your nails. After spiłowaniu nail impose preparation x 1 / 24h for 28 days (not saw more than x 1 / 24h). In Phase 2 formulation used for about 9 months, or until the disappearance of the hyperpigmentation. Apply once a week.


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