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SANOHRA music noise protection for adults

SANOHRA music noise protection for adults

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SANOHRA music noise protection for adults

pack size: 2 pcs

For noise protection at work, during sports or at parties

Protects the eardrum from loud noise
When doing DIY, in motor sports, at parties or at concerts, things are often louder than is good for the ear. SANOHRA music earplugs were developed for fun and enjoyment without health risks. A special filter element ensures that the noise level is dampened very evenly at different frequencies.

This protects the ear, a sensitive sensory organ, and noise and music can still be perceived unadulterated. Four extra-soft fins ensure that the earplugs are comfortable to wear. The medical plastic from which the earplugs are made is particularly skin-friendly and anti-allergenic.


SANOHRA music noise protection for adults advantages


  • Noise protection for work, sport and party
  • Uniform noise reduction at all frequencies
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear


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