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Saltidin, Icaridin insect repellent, DOCTAN Classic Lotion

Saltidin, Icaridin insect repellent, DOCTAN Classic Lotion

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Saltidin, Icaridin insect repellent, DOCTAN Classic Lotion

Saltidin, Icaridin insect repellent, DOCTAN Classic Lotion

Doctan Classic Lotion 100ml

Doctan ® Classic Spray Lotion reliably protects against bites from native, tropical and subtropical midges (mosquitos) as well as bites from blood-sucking insects such as ticks, horse flies and horse flies. Doctan ® Classic with a sensual scent of olive blossoms does not dry out the skin and forms a reliable protective film after application without sticking. The light lotion is quickly absorbed and can also be used in combination with sunscreen. So that you can enjoy your stay in nature.

If necessary, spread directly onto healthy, dry skin every 12 hours. Allow the product to take effect for a short time before putting it on. Do not spray directly in the face. If possible, wash your hands with soap after applying the lotion.

Area of ​​application:
Doctan ® Classic contains no alcohol and is therefore very kind to the skin. Doctan® _Classic Spray Lotion offers reliable protection for adults and children from the age of 2 against domestic, tropical and subtropical mosquitoes for up to 12 hours. The effectiveness against ticks, horse flies and stable flies is up to 8 hours. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends insect repellent with Icaridin as a means of preventing malaria. The product can also protect against the transmitter of the Zika virus (yellow fever).

Active ingredient: Icaridin (Saltidin ® ) Use 

Saltidin, Icaridin insect repellent, DOCTAN Classic Lotion

biocide safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

General tips for using insect repellent sprays:

  • The effect of repellents is reduced by temperatures above 40°C, so do not leave them in the blazing sun (car!).
  • Use the products only on healthy skin! (Caution: sunburn!)
  • If possible, shower thoroughly before jumping into the water and only use insect repellent sprays after swimming.
  • If you sweat excessively, the effective time may be reduced - possibly use more often.
  • Icaridin protects against biting annoying bloodsuckers - but it is still advisable to check skin, hair and clothing for crawling ticks before going to bed
  • Apply your sun protection first – then the protective spray
  • Mosquitoes can bite through very thin fabric; it is recommended to use it on the skin before getting dressed
  • Icaridin is safe for livestock and pets such as dogs, cats and horses


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