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3M Viscoplast

RESCUE KIT EXTRA LIFE 210 X 160cm anti-shock

RESCUE KIT EXTRA LIFE 210 X 160cm anti-shock

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  • RESCUE KIT anti-shock is a special film, the use of which allows you to protect the injured person from heat loss and adverse weather conditions.

The rescue blanket is classified as medical equipment. Its use allows protection of the wounded person against the loss of heat that is harmful to his life and the impact of atmospheric conditions such as rain or moisture. In addition, it is a sign for others that a person covered by this blanket needs help. The foil on one side is gold and on the other it is silver.

Use in case of various types of accidents (road, ski, sport, mountain) to protect against heat loss or weather conditions.

Cover the wounded person with a blanket - in the case of cold, cover with a silver surface, and with hot gold.


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