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RELIX spag.Peka drops 100 ml Berberis vulgaris, Solidago Virgaurea

RELIX spag.Peka drops 100 ml Berberis vulgaris, Solidago Virgaurea

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Berberis vulgaris, Solidago Virgaurea Relix Spag. Peka.


Application: registered Homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no indication of

Therapeutic Indicator. Warning: Contains 28% Alcohol by volume.

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Relix Spag. Peka / Homeopathic Medicines

Berberis vulgaris, Solidago Virgaurea Composition:
10g (= 10.3 ml) included:
Pharmacologically effective components
Benzoic esizna D4 D4 with ethanol 15% (m / m) 1.25 G
Acidum nicricum dil. D4 D4 with ethanol 15% (m / m) 1.05 g
API Mellififica DIL. D4 D4 with ethanol 15% (m / m) 0.90 g
Berberis vulgaris spag. Peka dil. D3 (HAB, V. 47B) 1.40 g
Colchic osenll. D12 from D4 with ethanol 15% (m / m) 1.05 G
Capselia Bursa Pastoris Spag. Pitch 0 (HAB, V. 47A) (= Thlaspi Bursa Shepherds) 1.05 g
Dactylopius Coccus Spag. Peka 0 (hab, v. 47b) (= caccus cacti) 1.30 G
Solidago Virgaurea 2.00 g

1 g corresponds to 46 drops.

Contains 28 vol .-% alcohol.

Dosage form and packet size:

Original packaging with 50 ml and 100 ml of the mixture to take. (Non-removable sample with 50 ml of mixture).

Name and address of the pharmaceutical company and Manufacturer:
Pekana Naturheilmittel GmbH
Raiffeisenstraße 15
D-88353 Kißlegg

Berberis vulgaris, Solidago Virgaurea Homeopathic medicine is registered, therefore no indication of Therapeutic Index.
In case of using the medicine Symptoms of the disease is to seek medical advice.


Berberis vulgaris, Solidago Virgaurea Application Precautions and Warnings:
There is no use of this medication in children. Sufficiently documented experience. Therefore, care should be taken. Children under 12 years of age do not apply. There is no sufficiently documented experience for use in Pregnancy and lactation available, the medication should only be applied after consultation with a doctor.

General note: The effect of homeopathic medicines can be used as a rule, damaging factors in lifestyle and negatively depends on the stimulus and pleasure of the steel. If you are taking any other medicines, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

How long should you solve the spag. Take Peka?
Homeopathic medicines should not be taken for a long time without medical advice.

Side effects:
Note: When using homeopathic medicine Existing complaints are temporarily worsening (First of all). In this case, you must take the medication. Stop and ask your doctor or pharmacist. If you observe side effects, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Please note and an indication of the strength of the medicinal product Berberis vulgaris, Solidago Virgaurea:
The expiration date of this bag is on the folding box and the bottle label is printed. The medicine must be no longer used after the expiration date on the expiration date.

Store at more than 25 ° C

Information Status: September 2020

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Berberis vulgaris benefits

Barberries are the tart, red berries of the Berberis vulgaris plant. They contain a unique compound called berberine, which acts as an antioxidant. It may help improve blood sugar control, treat diarrhea, and fight inflammation related to dental infections and acne.

Solidago Virgaurea benefits

Historically, goldenrod (Solidago canadensis or Solidago virgaurea) has been used on the skin to heal wounds. It has also been used as a diuretic, meaning it helps the body get rid of excess fluid. The name solidago means "to make whole."


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