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Purge dried turkey 100g

Purge dried turkey 100g

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  • Delicate herbal tea from dried purge is perfect as an alternative to classic tea. Regular drinking of the brew from the purge strengthens the body and supports its proper functioning.

Purge - 100%.

In recent years, the purge brew has become popular due to its properties supporting the work of the body. Delicate dried purge comes from Turkish crops. The mild herbal taste of the tea will appeal to everyone, even those who do not like herbal infusions. The addition of honey or lemon juice increases health and taste values.

Purge intended for the preparation of herbal teas that support the proper functioning of the body.

Additional information:
Store in a tightly closed container, at a temperature up to 25 degrees. C, in a dark place, out of direct sunlight.

Prepare the infusion: pour a teaspoon of leaves with boiling water (95 ° C). Leave to infuse for about 10 minutes. Drink. The infusion of purge can also be used to wash the skin or rinses.

Net weight: 100g.

Purge infusion is primarily a treasury of polyphenols that have strong antioxidant properties. Usually, purges are used as part of the treatment to strengthen the body's condition, especially during infections. Cleansing strengthens blood vessels, reduces bad cholesterol and has antihistamine properties. Some studies indicate that it also has anti-cancer effects and that it can be used to treat Lyme disease.


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