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Protefix Fixing Cream 47g

Protefix Fixing Cream 47g

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Protefix, extra strong fixing cream, is a helpful aid for people wearing dentures. Perfectly fixes, secures the movement of the insert and seals, preventing irritation and food residues from getting under the denture.

Composition of Protefix Fixing cream:

A mixture of Na and Ca salts of a copolymer of methyl vinyl ether and maleic acid anhydride, carboxymethyl cellulose, paraffin, petroleum jelly, colloidal silicon dioxide, menthol, azorubine, methyl paraben.

How Protefix works. Fixing cream:

Protefix fixing cream is a preparation that perfectly fixes the denture and does not allow for discomfort when wearing it. Protefix cream perfectly seals the denture and prevents food residues from getting underneath the denture. Using Protefix Fixation Cream also reduces the risk of inflammation.

Protefix Fixation Cream prevents the prosthesis from moving and seals it.

How to use Protefix Fixing cream:

Apply Protefix fixing cream at intervals to a clean and damp denture. Apply the cream sparingly, because excessive amounts reduce the effectiveness of the cream, and moreover, too thick a layer of cream is more difficult to remove from the dentures and palate. Put on the denture and press it against the palate and gums for a few seconds. Do not eat for the next 5 minutes.


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