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PROCAINE pharmarissano 2% Maxi Inj.

PROCAINE pharmarissano 2% Maxi Inj.

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PROCAINE pharmarissano 2% Maxi Inj.-Lsg.Fla. -Solution Bottle

This article is only suitable for therapists.

For local anesthesia.


active PROCAINE ingredients


  • 2000 mg procaine hydrochloride

PROCAINE excipients

  • 1000 mg benzyl alcohol
  • sodium chloride
  • Sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment
  • Hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment
  • water for injections

Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml is a drug for local anesthesia (local anesthetic of the ester type) Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml is injected into healthy skin (intracutaneously) as part of neural therapeutic application principles.

Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml is generally used by a doctor. Please ask your doctor if you are unsure about the application.

Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml is injected into the skin (intracutaneously) depending on the nerve block required.

Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml should only be injected by people with the appropriate knowledge to successfully carry out the respective application.

Basically, with continuous use, only low-concentration solutions of procaine are used. Repeated use of this drug may result in reversible loss of efficacy due to tachyphylaxis (rapid development of tolerance to the drug).

In principle, only the smallest dose may be administered with which the desired sufficient nerve blockade is achieved. The dosage is to be made individually according to the characteristics of the individual case. If the amount of Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml to be used is likely to exceed 15 ml, a preservative-free solution is preferable to avoid the application of large amounts of the preservative.

Unless otherwise instructed by the doctor, the usual dose for adolescents over 15 years of age and adults of average height is:

Skin wheals: Up to 0.5 ml (equivalent to 10 mg procaine hydrochloride) per wheal.
The maximum recommended dose for a single application in tissues from which there is rapid absorption of medicinal substances is 500 mg procaine (equivalent to 25 ml Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml). When used in the head, neck and genital area, the
recommended single-time maximum dose is 200 mg procaine (equivalent to 10 ml Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml) within 2 hours.

In patients with certain pre-existing conditions (vascular occlusions, vascular hardening and narrowing (arteriosclerosis) or nerve damage from diabetes), the dose should also be reduced by a third. In the case of impaired liver or kidney function,
increased plasma levels occur with repeated use. In these cases a lower dose range is also recommended.

Please talk to your doctor if you have the impression that the effect of Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml is too strong or too weak.

If you use more Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml than you should.
Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system in low damaging doses, in the opposite way in high damaging dose ranges. the

Procaine hydrochloride poisoning occurs in 2 phases:
You become restless, complain of dizziness, acoustic and visual disturbances and tingling, especially in the tongue and lip area. Speech is slurred, chills and muscle spasms herald an impending whole-body seizure.

As the poisoning of the central nervous system progresses, there is increasing dysfunction of the brainstem with the symptoms of restricted breathing and coma, leading to death. Emergency measures and antidotes will be initiated immediately by the doctor treating you according to the signs of the disease.

If you have any further questions on the use of the medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

What Procaine pharmarissano Maxi 2% 100ml contains:
The active substance is: procaine hydrochloride

1 ml solution for injection contains 20 mg procaine hydrochloride

The other ingredients are:
preservatives benzyl alcohol as well as sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, water for injections Contains 100 mg benzyl alcohol per 10 ml solution for injection.


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