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POSIFORLID eye mask 2 pcs, inflammation of eyelid

POSIFORLID eye mask 2 pcs, inflammation of eyelid

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POSIFORLID eye mask 2 pcs, inflammation of eyelid

POSIFORLID ® eye mask:

Effective heat for
eyelid inflammation • Self-warming eye mask with fold mechanism
• Softens the crusts on the edge of the eyelid • Improves
the blood supply to the eyelids
• Softens the secretion of the meibomian glands/eyelid glands
• Simple and safe application, can be used approx. 90 times

Posiforlid Eye mask

For daily heat treatment in eyelid edge inflammation & meibomian gland dysfunction, POSIFORLID eye mask 2 pcs, inflammation of eyelid

One of the main problems with eyelid edge inflammation and dysfunction of the eyelid glands is that the secreted secretion of the meibomian glands solidifies and crusts form on the edge of the lid and eyelashes. The heat treatment is therefore an important part of the treatment.

By using the self-heating POSIFORLID ® eye mask, the crusts on the edge of the eyelid become softer and can be removed more easily. In addition, heat improves the blood supply to the irritated eyelids and softens the secretions of the meibomian glands. In this way, the secretion can simply be wiped out during the subsequent eyelid massage.

With regular use, the POSIFORLID ® eye mask brings fast and lasting relief - with chronic eyelid inflammation as well as with acute symptoms such as stye or chalazion.

The number 1 heat mask for the eyes* POSIFORLID eye mask 2 pcs, inflammation of eyelid

The POSIFORLID ®Eye mask enables effective heat treatment: It is the only eye mask that guarantees a constant temperature profile of 45 °C over a period of at least 5 minutes thanks to the recesses for inserting damp cotton pads. a constant and moist heat. Overheating is not possible, so there is no risk of burns from the eye mask. However, it is advisable to do this in advance, e.g. B. on the wrist, to check whether the temperature is comfortable for you.

The heat mask for daily eyelid hygiene can be reused approx. 90 times and is available in single and double packs.

*62% market share in January 2021 (INSIGHT Health, Apo Channel)

In the case of chronic blepharitis (inflammation of the lid margins) and functional disorders of the lid margin glands such as meibomian gland dysfunction, cleaning and care of the lid margin is as important as daily brushing of the teeth. The POSIFORLID ® eye mask warms up and liquefies accumulated secretions. In this way, the gland exits can be cleaned in a natural and gentle way during the subsequent eyelid massage. With regular use, the symptoms can be alleviated in the long term.POSIFORLID eye mask 2 pcs, inflammation of eyelid

The application of a heat mask is suitable for treating a stye or chalazion to accelerate healing. A stye is an acute inflammation of the glands in the eyelid caused by bacteria. A purulent abscess forms, which can be very painful. An unsightly chalazion can occur if the gland becomes blocked in the case of chronic inflammation of the eyelid and the accumulated secretion cannot drain off.POSIFORLID eye mask 2 pcs, inflammation of eyelid

Burning, tired eyes or an annoying gritty feeling are mostly due to an unstable tear film and dry eyes. The application of the self-heating POSIFORLID ®Eye mask can naturally provide fast and lasting relief. The heat supports the Meibomian glands in producing the fatty layer of the tear film and can thus prevent the evaporation of the watery layer of the tear film.


How long should I use the POSIFORLID ® eye mask to relieve discomfort?
It is recommended to use the POSIFORLID ®Apply eye mask twice a day for about 5 to 7 minutes. If you use the heat mask for inflammation of the eyelids, meibomian gland dysfunction or dry eyes, you should bear in mind that these are chronic diseases. For permanent relief of the symptoms, it is advisable to use the eye mask permanently in these cases. Include heat treatment and eyelid hygiene in your daily care routine, just like brushing your teeth. If the heat treatment is neglected or interrupted, the original symptoms can reappear. If used because of a chalazion or stye, use the POSIFORLID ® eye mask until the symptoms subside.

What material is the POSIFORLID ® eye mask made of?
The POSIFORLID ® eye mask is a gel mask made from phthalate-free PVC. It contains no latex or silicone. The gel inside the eye mask consists of a salt solution in water (sodium acetate). Since the eye mask does not contain any environmentally harmful substances, it can be disposed of with household waste after use.

Why does the POSIFORLID ® eye mask have to be boiled after use?
By boiling for ten minutes, the contained gel becomes liquid again and the POSIFORLID ®Eye mask thus activated for the next application. Please make sure that there is enough water (approx. 2 liters) in the pot and only measure the time when the water is boiling. Do not switch off the stove too early, but always keep the water gently simmering. To remove the hot eye mask, we recommend using a slotted spoon or a large spoon so as not to damage the eye mask. Please do not use the POSIFORLID ® eye mask immediately after boiling it. The mask is then still too hot and could cause burns. Before the next application, the mask should cool down for at least half an hour.

Can the POSIFORLID ® eye mask also be used cold?
Yes, that is possible if you want to use the POSIFORLID ® eye mask for swollen eyes or dark circles. Place the eye mask in the refrigerator about one to two hours before you plan to use it. Please do not freeze, this could damage the eye mask.

How should the POSIFORLID ® eye mask be stored?
Store the eye mask at room temperature between 2 and 35°C. For storage, choose a place out of the sight and reach of children.

What should I do if I use the POSIFORLID ® eye mask to treat a chalazion?
Apply the POSIFORLID ®Eye mask on twice a day for 5 to 7 minutes as directed in the package insert. Massage the chalazion immediately after heat treatment. The accumulated sebum becomes more liquid due to the heat. Slowly squeeze the liquefied sebum out of the clogged gland in small amounts. So the elevation gradually disappears.


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