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PEHA-EMBROIDERY Elastic supporting 6cm x 4m x 1 piece

PEHA-EMBROIDERY Elastic supporting 6cm x 4m x 1 piece

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  • Dimensions bands is 6cm x 4m. Peha-Haft is a line of products for fixing dressings. Elastic bandages for support stabilizes the different parts of the body. It is comfortable, and the material is well tolerated by the skin.

cotton, viscose, polyamide.

The degree of stretch band is 85%. It was created in such a way that it does not need additional clasp to the product remained in the space. Elastic supporting Peha-embroidery with a special fabric creped to achieve the dual effect szczepialności. The article well keeps the dressing provides a solid fastening. In most cases it is sufficient to use a few turns. Band does not slip or loosen. Do not cling to clothes, hair or skin, couples only with itself. Wearing it is comfortable, does not restraining movement, disrupting blood circulation. Breathable material.

Peha-Haft elastic band used as a support device for supporting various dressings, both at the joints and on the rounded and tapered parts of the body. Also suitable for fixing cannulas or lining materials.

Additional information:
Suitable for sterilization. Store at room temperature, out of reach of children. Does not contain latex.


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