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PAW CARE vet. 10 ml for dogs, cats

PAW CARE vet. 10 ml for dogs, cats

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Paw care Vet for dogs, cats

Cares for brittle, cracked pads just as intensively as for heavy use in summer and winter.

For the natural care of cracked, brittle pads. cdVet Paw Care is not only suitable as protection against road salt in winter, but also optimally in summer on hot asphalt. It supports the regeneration of the ball from within. Thus, the bale is strengthened even under the most unfavorable environmental influences.
Paw care Vet for dogs, cats Areas of application:
• - maintains the bale in a natural way
• - for brittle and cracked bales
• - as protection against road salt
• - in summer as protection when walking on hot asphalt

Paw care Vet for dogs, cats Composition:
Prunus dulcis Oil, Lavandula angustifolia Oil, Salvia officinalis Oil

Synthetic additives per liter: NO recommendation for

use: put
drop by drop on the bale and massage in.

Paw care Vet for dogs, cats Expert
tip : Since cdVet paw care is absorbed very quickly into the bale, there is no risk of the animal slipping on smooth floors. No stains are left on carpets and similar floors when walking over them.
By trimming long hair in the area between the toes, the risk of skin irritation and injuries can be reduced, because otherwise dirt, snow and ice will quickly settle there, which favor them. Also, after the walk, the bales should be freed of litter residue with clear water to avoid further irritation.
After drying, we recommend cdVet Paw Care to care for the worn pads, because it is absorbed very quickly, protects against drying out, keeps the pads supple and supports regeneration from the inside out.
Due to the rapid absorption, no residue remains on the paws, so that there is neither an increased risk of injury on smooth floors, nor greasy stains on carpets, etc.


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