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Pasta and cream squeezer x 1 piece

Pasta and cream squeezer x 1 piece

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The paste and cream squeezer is an innovative product with an aesthetic appearance, which guarantees accurate emptying of packaging from cosmetic residue. It is easy and extremely convenient to use.

Pasta and cream squeezer Action:
A paste and cream squeezer is a product that allows you to effectively use the entire content of cosmetics tubes. It guarantees complete emptying of the packaging and the use of the paste or cream residue, which is often difficult to squeeze out. Nothing is wasted with a juicer. It has an aesthetic appearance, which is why it looks very good on the bathroom shelf. It is very easy to use. It is also ideal for use in the food industry. It has the PZH HŻ / C / 00428/11 certificate. The package contains one piece - one juicer.

Pasta and cream squeezer indications:
It is recommended to use a paste and cream squeezer to thoroughly empty the packaging of hard-to-reach cosmetics residues. It can also be used in the food industry.

Place a tube of paste or cream in the knob gap while turning the knob. As a result, there will be a systematic squeezing of e.g. cosmetics. Use as needed.


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